Who’s Who in Social HR Technology

Welcome to our Who’s Who list of companies who specialize in Social HR technology.

Are you in HR technology and wondering what options you have in software vendors? Or are you wondering what technology companies are transforming HR into more social functions? Then look no further. The list below has been collected from a couple of online sources as well as from our own research. The companies are listed in alphabetical order, but sortable by product solution. If you feel a company has been listed incorrectly or if you are a representative of the company and wish to modify your information, please contact us.

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You asked, I answered: A Social Workplace Starts with Culture and Engagement

Yesterday evening, I had the pleasure of appearing on Digital 411, an internet technology radio show. During the show, I discussed the impact that social technologies can have on HR transformation and employee engagement. There was so much interest in this topic that I didn’t have time to respond to all of the questions asked. Here are the questions that sparked the conversation along with my responses.

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Social Knows: Employee Engagement Statistics (Nov 2011)

In our “Social Knows” series, we sniff out and compile statistics and research regarding workplace / workforce management, human resources and employee engagement. The goal is to provide you with the background knowledge necessary to support your own recommendations, findings and strategies. Submissions always welcomed. SHRM Research Spotlight: Social Media in the Workplace Social Media in the Workplace

20% of CEO surveyed use LinkedIn; 17% use Facebook; 9% use Twitter; 8% use YouTube; 7% use Photo-sharing applications; 5% use Video-sharing applications 69% of respondents surveyed say their organization does NOT track employee use of social media on company-owned computers or handheld devices 57% of respondents surveyed say their organization does NOT block access to social media on company-owned computers or handheld devices? 68% of respondents surveyed say their organizations have groups or individuals who currently engage in social media activities to reach external audiences

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Corporate Social Media is now on Alltop's Digital Magazine Rack

I believe one of the best skills for an effective blogger is someone who fervently researches and reads — finding not only inspiration for content but also supporting facts and figures. A lot of people ask me what sites or blogs inspire my own content for The Social Workplace. After spending some time compiling this list, I realized that I was overlooking the very resource that I used when I was first started looking: Alltop.com.

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