“Learn, Plan and Do” your way to a Social Intranet


The corporate intranet is (or should be) the hub of all employee activity and transactions; where employees go to manage money, career, life events, and health. Taking your intranet to the next level means to not only stop pushing static content, but to also use social technologies to enhance the every day activities and transactions necessary for employees to learn, plan and do their jobs; thereby making them more efficient, engaged and productive: a social intranet.

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Is a Social Intranet Your Company's Holy Grail or Holy Mess?


If there is one thing that became pointedly clear during my attending and speaking at the J. Boye Intranet conference last week, it’s that we are all experiencing different aspects of what it means to become a world-class corporate (social) intranet. The typical shelf life of an Intranet implementation averages about 18 months. This timeline can easily be extended when you add on the complexities of social layers. So if you feel that your company has been struggling for some time with not only the correct strategy, but also the implementation tactics of a social intranet… don’t feel bad.

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