How to Push Engagement. Push it REAL Good.


You’ve been hearing it for years: Highly engaged workplaces grow faster, adapt quicker, and innovate more. You, yourself, understand the value and even the financial gain; however, you have yet to fully convince your senior leadership that employee engagement has financial results. So you need proof points that you can really push to your senior leaders so that they see results not just in theory but with weight they feel in their pockets.

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The Measurable Value of Human Resources

Measure HR Speed

Organizations today are moving faster than ever and too many HR leaders are assuming that what they are doing is working.  A recent study revealed that 64% of HR practitioners thought their practices were actively contributing to the organization, yet only 23% of line managers agreed.  Like it or not a global economy is emerging and with it comes an entirely new suite of competitive pressures.  It is not OK for HR leaders to think they know what is working, they must know what works, how to measure the efficiency and effectiveness of various programs, and be able to prove it to line managers and corporate leadership.

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Use Forrester's Profile Tools to Examine the Social Behaviors of Your Audience

By Charlene Li: Many companies approach Social Computing as a list of technologies to be deployed as needed — a blog here, a podcast there — to achieve a marketing goal. But a more coherent approach is to start with your target audience and determine what kind of relationship you want to build with them, based on what they are ready for. Forrester categorizes Social Computing behaviors into a ladder with six levels of participation; we use the term Social Technographics® to describe a population according to its participation in these levels. Brands, Web sites, and any other companies pursuing social technologies should analyze their customers’ Social Technographics first and then create a social strategy based on this profile.

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Tools for Showing Monetary Benefits to Social Media ROI

First off... I don't like numbers. So, I'm not particularly fond of social media calculators as I believe that the true value in a social media strategy is about building relationships, conversation and influence, and NOT about the numbers. Social media is an investment that has intangible ROI that is not only often difficult to measure, but its value isn't found in short-term results, but instead in long-term growth. Influence isn't born overnight, but built over time.

In his article, Social Media ROI Less Accepted Than Traditional Media, Jason Falls has some great suggestions on ways to consider measuring

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The Four I's of Social Media Measurement

Original Source: Can Social Media Be Measured?, Li Evans, Search Engine Watch

Social media can be measured, but measuring isn't the same for everyone. Just like there's no cookie-cutter social media marketing strategy for companies to purchase and implement, there's no simple off-the-shelf answer for measuring your success with your social media strategy. It can be a combination of numerous measurements, both automated and manual.

Social media marketing strategies are so much more than acquiring traffic and links from "socialized" content that appear on blogs, or videos that appear on YouTube and are promoting on sites like Digg, Mixx, or

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