Social Knows: List of Companies and the Names of their Corporate Intranets

Hello, Boris, you AND me, Pitstop – it’s just some of the names from various corporate intranets.

Some companies give their internal portals just a name. Other companies choose to give their internal portals a complete identity. There are some companies who go the simple route and just call it what it is: Intranet. If you are a company who still operates on multiple portals such as the corporate intranet, the HR portal, and the collaboration portal.. the name becomes that much more important in helping your employees distinguish one portal from another. Coming from a corporate background where all the companies I’ve worked for have had a “branded” intranet, it still surprises me to hear many companies out there don’t. Personally, I like a branded intranet. It’s an easy way to strengthen corporate culture, support brand identity and make your intranet a “destination” not just a “site.”

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