The Traits of a Social Employee

As explained in the book, The Social Employee: How Great Companies Make Social Media Work, there can be no mistaking that brands’ relationships to both their customers and employees are changing. In the digital bazaar, the authentic voice of the social employee can be a brand’s most powerful asset in forging long-term, dynamic relationships with customers and other important members of online communities.

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Measuring Employee Engagement through External and Internal Benchmarking

Ok… it’s time for an honest moment here. I got a D in statistics while in college. I waited until senior year, spring semester to take my math course and Yes, mom… I got D. To this day, I’m known as the person in my family who can’t do math. That said, I’ve never been one for data and putting said data into context. But even I, non-math person extraordinaire, understands the need to breakdown data to create actionable results. So here’s my personal hand at providing some insight on the value of external benchmarking and internal benchmarking.

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7 Trends in Employer Branding for 2012

Original Source: 7 trends in employer branding for 2012, Daniel Wägerth and Joao Araujo

2012 is here and after over 20,000 meetings with companies held by Universum’s team throughout 2011, we’ve had interesting discussions about what to expect this year.  The first impression is that our colleagues in Africa, Asia and US are feeling that the competition for talent is getting fiercer, while the European colleagues see a market where employer brands are getting more innovative and competitive. All in all, we see seven trends that might shape 2012:

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Become an Employer of Choice by Recruiting from the Inside Out

Original source: Inside Out Recruiting,

The job of the recruiting department today has become somewhat of a business generalist role.  They are measured in terms of typical recruiting metrics, but they really have to be astute in every facet of the business.  Marketing is one of those skill sets that a progressive recruiting department must add to their list of skill sets.  You’re no longer just recruiting for the marketing department, but you are literally doing marketing for your company in order to attract and retain top talent.

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