Most Valuable Retail Brands of 2009

IBDF’s first ‘Annual Report Card’ of the most valuable retail brands in the United States, plus the top 5 in Canada and Mexico. It’s an assessment of the companies that are most successful at managing their brand, as well as a look at those that didn’t make the cut.

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The Case Against Social Media Marketing: Why There are Those Who Simply Don't

Hey... I didn't say I AGREE... I'm just recognizing that there are sound business reasons as to why some companies feel that social marketing isn't their cup of tea. To get the other side's point of view, read on...

Source:  The Case Against Social Media Marketing, Scalable Intimacy Author: Mike Troiano

Sitting here with a 40 terabyte direct cranial link to people who agree with me, it’s easy to forget that lot’s of people out there still have good reasons for deciding NOT to take advantage of all that social media has to offer, at either the personal or professional level.

In deference to them, and in the spirit of trying to round out my own perspective, I offer you the Top 5 Perfectly Legitimate Reasons Smart People Don’t Take Advantage

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