Study: Retailers Shift Marketing Dollars Towards Social Media

Source: Study: Retailers Shift Marketing Dollars Towards Social Media, Mashable

Although many retailers are reducing their online marketing budgets, spending on social media is falling at a slower rate than spending in other online marketing channels.

Moreover, amongst companies that are weathering the current economic storm and expanding marketing budgets, investments in social media are generally on the rise. This according to a new study released today by The National Retail Federation’s and Forrester Research.

Overall, the study found that 30 percent of retailers plan to reduce their online spending this year, while 24 percent plan to increase it and 46 percent are keeping their budgets the same. However, the stats get more interesting when you drill down to how both the successful and the struggling retailers are allocating

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The Case Against Social Media Marketing: Why There are Those Who Simply Don't

Hey... I didn't say I AGREE... I'm just recognizing that there are sound business reasons as to why some companies feel that social marketing isn't their cup of tea. To get the other side's point of view, read on...

Source:  The Case Against Social Media Marketing, Scalable Intimacy Author: Mike Troiano

Sitting here with a 40 terabyte direct cranial link to people who agree with me, it’s easy to forget that lot’s of people out there still have good reasons for deciding NOT to take advantage of all that social media has to offer, at either the personal or professional level.

In deference to them, and in the spirit of trying to round out my own perspective, I offer you the Top 5 Perfectly Legitimate Reasons Smart People Don’t Take Advantage

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Must Read Corporate Social Media Articles

I recently came across the 123 Social Media site which is an incredibly great resource for corporate social media and social media strategy. I thought I would share this article that was posted on April 30th.

If you like it, please be sure to visit the 123 Social Media web site.

Must Read Corporate Social Media Articles Source: Must Read Corporate Social Media Articles, 123 Social Media Author: Barry Hurd

With over 500 articles on the 123 site, we created this list of MUST READ articles for corporate decision makers. These are some of the most popular articles here on 123SocialMedia in regards to building a thriving corporate web presence for your company. Each article has information that can save thousands of dollars of your

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Ignoring Social Media Could be the Worst Business Decision You Ever Make

Source:  Ignoring Social Media could be the worst business decision you ever make - Ecademy.

Some people thought that the telephone was a fad. The founder of IBM himself failed to see the long-term possibilities of the computer. Others believed that TV would never catch on and still others thought that email would never replace letters and postcards. There are also those who say that Social Media is just a phase, a passing trend that will be gone in a few years.

As a digital marketer, a web presence architect and an Internet professional who is deeply involved in creating and implementing Social Media strategies for my clients - a variety of businesses of all shapes and sizes - I see firsthand the variety of responses to this new Internet paradigm.

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Is Social Media Marketing & Networking Killing the Face to Face?

It is no shock that the social media marketing landscape has changed the playing field of business to business and business to consumer. Years ago you had only a few options to get in front of whom ever you needed to get in front of, phone and mail. The choices and possibilities now are endless with the surge of popularity of hiding behind the computer and reaching out to decision makers on social marketing sites like Twitter and LinkedIn.

Are friend requests the new cold calls? are face to face meetings slowly going away? I think a few years down the road we might see this evolve into the new communication way. More and more people contact us directly through a

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