The Measurable Value of Human Resources

Measure HR Speed

Organizations today are moving faster than ever and too many HR leaders are assuming that what they are doing is working.  A recent study revealed that 64% of HR practitioners thought their practices were actively contributing to the organization, yet only 23% of line managers agreed.  Like it or not a global economy is emerging and with it comes an entirely new suite of competitive pressures.  It is not OK for HR leaders to think they know what is working, they must know what works, how to measure the efficiency and effectiveness of various programs, and be able to prove it to line managers and corporate leadership.

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What SHRM's Future Insights Report Means for Engagement and HR

SHRM released its Future Insights Report on the Top Trends for HR according to SHRM’s HR Subject Matter panel.  This report highlights key HR-related topics and trends, as seen by subject matter experts from SHRM’s Special Expertise Panels. These trends are a valuable resource for any HR professional interested in seeing what issues HR subject matter experts believe will have the biggest impact on the workplace today and in the years ahead.

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The State of Social Media Marketing [Report] #awarenessinc

Top Areas For Social Marketing Investment and Biggest Social Marketing Challenges in 2012

From Awareness, Inc
Creators of the Social Marketing Hub

The definitive social marketing industry report.

In December 2011 Awareness surveyed over 320 marketers from a wide variety of industries and levels of social marketing experience. This report brings to you those insights and benchmarks to solidify your social marketing strategy, grow your social footprint and engage with your audiences for maximum return. You will learn how leaders allocate resources, discover the top social platforms and social media management tools they use,  social marketing investment priorities, and the practices companies will adopt to ensure 2012 is the year of the social business.

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Enterprise 2.0 Live Binder: A Resource You Shouldn’t Miss

I had such a tremendous response to my previous list of micro-blogging and enterprise 2.0 resources, that I thought I would research just a little bit more to see what else I could find. I came across this “live binder” of Enterprise 2.0 resources put together by Ellen Trude, a teacher by profession, and who is currently a training consultant for social media and special projects concerning collaborative platforms. Her live binder contains an immense amount of Enterprise 2.0 studies, blog posts and research that makes it one of the most comprehensive resources I’ve ever come across. If you’re putting together a presentation, post or paper on Enterprise 2.0, this is a resource you shouldn’t miss.

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Extensive List of over 40 e2.0 Micro-Blogging Case Studies and Resources

Micro-blogging is the social media buzzword that gets some serious mojo going for those of you passionate about social networking for the enterprise (myself included). There are a plethora of tools available, and if you want a quick snapshot, you should read this CIO article on “12 Microblogging Tools to Consider.” In response to my previous post, “Extensive List of over 30 Enterprise 2.0 Case Studies and Resources,” I had an overwhelming request for case studies specific to micro-blogging. So here it is. I hope you enjoy your new bedtime reading material.

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