The Case Against Social Media Marketing: Why There are Those Who Simply Don't

Hey... I didn't say I AGREE... I'm just recognizing that there are sound business reasons as to why some companies feel that social marketing isn't their cup of tea. To get the other side's point of view, read on...

Source:  The Case Against Social Media Marketing, Scalable Intimacy Author: Mike Troiano

Sitting here with a 40 terabyte direct cranial link to people who agree with me, it’s easy to forget that lot’s of people out there still have good reasons for deciding NOT to take advantage of all that social media has to offer, at either the personal or professional level.

In deference to them, and in the spirit of trying to round out my own perspective, I offer you the Top 5 Perfectly Legitimate Reasons Smart People Don’t Take Advantage

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Ignoring Social Media Could be the Worst Business Decision You Ever Make

Source:  Ignoring Social Media could be the worst business decision you ever make - Ecademy.

Some people thought that the telephone was a fad. The founder of IBM himself failed to see the long-term possibilities of the computer. Others believed that TV would never catch on and still others thought that email would never replace letters and postcards. There are also those who say that Social Media is just a phase, a passing trend that will be gone in a few years.

As a digital marketer, a web presence architect and an Internet professional who is deeply involved in creating and implementing Social Media strategies for my clients - a variety of businesses of all shapes and sizes - I see firsthand the variety of responses to this new Internet paradigm.

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Do You Notice When Your Numbers Go Down?

I admit that I do notice when people stop following me on Twitter or remove me as a friend on Facebook. If I see my friends number go down, I do spend some time trying to figure out WHO it was that removed me out of natural curiousity.

Oh all right ... it might hurt my feelings a teensy weensy bit. But when you're as outspoken as I am, it's inevitable

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