Is Email Overload Killing Your Productivity?

Email Overload

At the tail end of last year, I spoke at the Internal Social Media Forum in Madrid, Spain, where I met Luis Saurez, Knowledge Manager, Community Builder & Social Computing Evangelist in the IBM Software Group division. Two and a half years ago, he developed plan to show his coworkers just how dependent they really were on e-mail, emphasizing how many times a day they were compelled to check it, and proving that it was no longer a productivity tool, but a procrastinator’s best friend. He’s advocated for social software to replace e-mail as the go-to communication method. And in fact, in less than three years, he’s been able to reduce 90% of his incoming e-mail by communicating through social software.

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A Socially Networked Company Makes for a More Human Workforce (Revisited)

I could be rehashing a topic that has been addressed many times before, but recent conversations within my own organization have resurfaced this for me and I know it is something that other peers are still sorting out as well. Companies are very much implementing social technologies to engage audiences externally, but still struggle with the advantages of implementing it internally. And this is something that I, in particular, am very passionate about. So, I’ve updated a blog post that I had written late last year focusing on this topic and have included what I hope is some fresh, relevant information and resources. Enjoy!

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Extensive List of over 30 Enterprise 2.0 Case Studies and Resources

It’s only natural that everyone wants to know what everyone else is doing. Building an effective enterprise social technology strategy means looking into what other companies have deployed and whether or not they have seen positive results from their efforts. However, I’ve come to the realization that it is actually somewhat difficult to find a really good collection of case studies for enterprise 2.0 or information on what other companies have done to integrate social technologies within internal communications. With that in mind, I decided to put together some of the case studies and research I have found in my own search. The credit for many of the items on this list really goes to Jacob Morgan, who performed or found some of the case studies for his own blog, Jacob Morgan: Social Media Globetrotter. Please feel free to submit additional resources and I will gladly add them to this list.

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Social Media for Internal Communications Case study: Vets Now

Original Post: Using social media to improve internal communications,

As a social media agency, FreshNetworks is often asked to help clients develop and implement a social media strategy.

This was the case with Vets Now – a provider of out-of-hours veterinary care for veterinary practices across the UK. The goal was to engage internal stakeholders through social media.

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