Great Ideas for Improving the Candidate Experience on Your Careers Site

I'm currently in the process of working with our Talent Acquisition team to improve my company's external Careers site, the front end "static" pages as well as the applicant tracking system (ATS) itself. Some of the challenges that I am currently facing are:
  1. Effectively communicating what we do as a business in a fun and interactive manner.
  2. Streamlining the user experience so that it is easy for applicants to find and apply for positions.
  3. Conveying the company as a great place to work with excellent benefits and programs (and it is!).
  4. Aligning the recruiting

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Taleo Research Offers Insights in Social Networks and Talent Strategies

Original source: Social Networks and Talent Strategies, by Alice Snell

All the chatter around social networking seems apropos considering it is—at its core—a communications media. However, examinations of the demographics, trends, and impact send some mixed messages. For example:

Facebook users get lower grades in college features an Ohio State University study where the 85% of students who are Facebook users get lower grades. Yet Facebook, YouTube at work make better employees: study highlights an Australian study where workers who use the Internet at work are 9% more productive. And

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Cloud Recruiting: Phonecasting Becoming a Rising Trend

Source: Phonecasting, a rising trend in mobile communications? |

Ok, so I know what you’re thinking… another buzzword.  So, what in the world is Phonecasting?

Phonecasting, also known as phlogging or phone-blogging, involves the ability to use your phone to broadcast directly to the internet, live. Phonecasting combines the popularity of podcasting with the ubiquity and ease of use of mobile devices.

How does Phonecasting differ from Podcasting?

Well, for starters, podcasters typically use a microphone and recording software to create their programming. In contrast, phonecasters use the phone as the microphone. In addition, unlike traditional podcasting, phonecasting does not

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Six Tips for Using Twitter as a Recruitment Tool

via Six tips for using Twitter as a recruitment tool | View from the Cubicle |, by Toni Bowers

According to Nielsen NetView, in February 2009, Twitter had nearly 7.1 million users, with a growth rate of 1,382 percent from the year before. Some companies are finding this growth rate a great opportunity to recruit people for jobs.

In a recent issue of Workforce Management, two representatives from digital advertising agency Organic said they have made Twitter the anchor of their job posting strategy. Here are some of the benefits, according to Organic:

“Once we have an opening that might be

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