Understanding the Power of Diverse Personalities at Work

Communication permeates everything we do and our personalities – our attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors – are a natural driver for how we act and what say. Being successful in today’s workplace demands having an awareness and understanding of different personalities to avoid misunderstanding or conflict.  Many different personality types can complement each other, but in some cases, there is also the potential for conflict. A good strategy for career success is to learn about these different personality traits and understand the most effective approach for collaborating with each type of person.

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5 Facts That Sell Your Unique Employer Perks More Effectively

Picture: Zenbenefits

Guest post by: Jessica Thiefels

Does your company do awesome things for its employees? Weave these perks—and the stats that support their benefits—into your job listings and ads to make a more powerful case for why potential employees should consider your organization. After all, we’re quickly becoming a data-driven society, and sometimes the numbers and expert opinions speak louder than you ever can.

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Engaged employees key to building a lucrative base of loyal customers


Guest post by: David Bator, Vice President Client Strategy, TemboSocial

Poor customer service and huge profits usually don’t go hand in hand. Rather, when consumers are provided inadequate support, they are likely to take their business elsewhere. Although the service landscape is changing with the advent of new social media and interactive tools, quality support is not confined to the help desk.

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Who’s Using Social Media Anyway?

Guest post by Ann Barrett, Director eRecruitment & Social Media Strategy at Sun Life Digital. You can find Ann via her Social Recruiting blog where she writes about social media and Human Resources. She can also be found on LinkedIn.

Facebook. Twitter. Google+. Pintrest, Instagram, LinkedIn. They all have become mainstream words we use in our everyday conversation. They have penetrated all forms of media including print, TV, radio, video and digital. It would almost seem strange not to hear or see those familiar icons.

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16 Characteristics of a Social Workplace

Original post: 16 Characteristics of The Social Workplace by Shirley Williams (Blogger of Social Media Pearls)

One tool or platform does not make an organization social. It is not just about the tools- especially in isolation of the bigger picture. Well at least it ought not be. Sensational headlines just feed the fear of those with a  social media phobia.  What organizations and businesses should be thinking about is how can they leverage this new way of doing business.

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Making Social Media “Live” at CiscoLive

It is my great pleasure to present another post from my colleague Laurie Shook. Laurie brings her vast social media expertise and passion for enterprise 2.0 to bring you her insights from Cisco Live.

How do you use social media to create a more engaging tradeshow experience? Based on the pervasive hash tags and social media tracking boards at last week’s Cisco Live in San Diego, Cisco has confronted that challenge successfully. Part of the secret is creating a Social Media Hub.

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