10 Social Media Commandments for Employers [Workforce Management]


Original Post: 10 Social Media Commandments for Employers, By Gene Connors, Workforce Managment

Employers must implement social networking policies, obtain employee consent for monitoring and conduct their monitoring legally and responsibly. By following these 10 guidelines, employers ensure that their employees can enjoy social media without employer static and interference.

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You Can’t be a Brand Ambassador if You Don’t Know The Brand

This post is a continuation of my series on “How to Make Employees Social Media Ambassadors“. See further down for related links on using employees as social media ambassadors and employee engagement.

The other day, I was sitting at a restaurant bar (as I’m prone to do) and started a conversation with someone — yes, I know, I make for a captivating dinner companion — on how employees are a company’s most under-utilized asset for communicating its brand. However, as my fellow bar person pointed out, how do you have employees represent your brand if they don’t even know what it is … if they even care? So yes, before you can use your employees as brand ambassadors, you might want to not only make sure that they understand your brand, but that they actually embrace and support it — the values for which your brand stands and the services and solutions you provide.

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Defining Attributes, Responsibilities, & Expectations for Your Social Media Ambassadors

So, as a company, you now recognize that a socially networked company makes for a more human workforce. So, what are the next steps to making employees social media ambassadors?

There really are two different approaches to empowering your employees as social media ambassadors. You can either give open access to your entire employee base or start with a “pilot group” of officially recognized ambassadors. I don’t know that either approach has more proven benefits over the other, but if you’re a conservative company like mine, you’ll go for the latter…. and here’s why:

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How to Make Employees Social Media Ambassadors

As companies start to dip their toes into the social media waters, we have seen them implement a couple of different approaches. Some companies start with a small group of employees who are identified as brand ambassadors or official representatives of the company in social media networks. Other companies, such as Zappos and Best Buy, have given their entire employee base access to platforms for participating in social media, thereby making all the employees spokespeople of the company.

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Reasons You Should Internalize Social Media

Original Post: Social Media and the Internal Brand

Here’s my take on why companies are using social media internally:

1. To inform employees. In its most straightforward way, social media can be just another medium to communicate and inform employees. Blogs in which departments inform their staff, a newsletter with options for employees to give comments, twitter as a micro instant communication channel to employees.

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Yes, It's Time to Create that Social Media Policy for Your Company

It’ s really no longer a question of IF your company should establish social media guidelines  but rather WHEN will you create them. With the growing audience of social media users internally and externally, it would be to a company’s detriment to overlook community policies for their employees. If you haven’t realized the full impact of how social media can impact your company brand and marketing efforts, you should check out these 5 Social Media Disasters.

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