Living the Brand: How to Help Employees Become Brand Ambassadors (Part 1)

Source: Employees as Brand Advocates by Jenny Schade.

While attending a market research seminar recently, I noticed the cellular phone company employee sitting next to me pulling out her phone to place a call. I commented that the phone was made by one of her employer's competitors. "Oh I don't actually use our phones," she laughed. "Too unreliable."

It's unlikely that any of the people who overheard her comment will ever buy one of the phones that her company makes either.

An organization's brand is one of its most valuable assets and what differentiates it in the marketplace. As this story

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Include Your Employees in Your Social Media Strategy

Before launching any kind of social media strategy, companies need to first understand that it can be affected by anyone who receives a paycheck from them. From the CEO right down to the janitor, whether they've seen your social media strategy or not, they are involved in your social media strategy.

The janitor? Really?

Yes, the janitor! Even the cook, or the person who answers your phones, and the guy who delivers the mail to your office every day, they too can affect your social media strategy in ways you probably haven't even thought of up until this point.

You haven't thought of

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BlackBerry Storm OS fails Verizon Wireless Testing

Wondering what happened to the Storm OS .141 update we said should have dropped late last month? We had heard rumors of some problems with the OS but over the weekend we got word from a trusted ninja that the much anticipated OS .141 has failed Verizon Wireless' testing.

Oh. No.

Too many glitches remain, so this update is supposedly dead in the water. There is no word yet on a new OS version nor any expected release date for a future update. The big question now is what RIM and Verizon will do with the Storm. Will we see another 4.7 version go through testing, will both companies ditch 4.7 and roll out an OS 5.0 update or will development on the Storm be shelved in lieu of the rumored Storm

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ÜberTwitter Beta-2 Released

If you like Twitterberry, you will LOVE  ÜberTwitter (a Twitter client).  I've been using UberTwitter Beta-1 but just upgraded to the newly released Beta-2 software upgrade.  One of the things that I love most about ÜberTwitter that I couldn't ever get Twitterberry to work for me is the integrated picture sharing. For more info, check out my related blog post: Review: Twitter Apps for the Blackberry that Have Integrated Picture Sharing.

This latest release “rolls out a large number of new features (requested by YOU!) and from pre-release testing promises greater stability. There are still features on our list, and we will ultimately have a Beta-3, we aren’t even close to being satisfied with the feature set yet. Once you have a chance to play with it, please let us

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