Ignoring Social Media Could be the Worst Business Decision You Ever Make

Source:  Ignoring Social Media could be the worst business decision you ever make - Ecademy.

Some people thought that the telephone was a fad. The founder of IBM himself failed to see the long-term possibilities of the computer. Others believed that TV would never catch on and still others thought that email would never replace letters and postcards. There are also those who say that Social Media is just a phase, a passing trend that will be gone in a few years.

As a digital marketer, a web presence architect and an Internet professional who is deeply involved in creating and implementing Social Media strategies for my clients - a variety of businesses of all shapes and sizes - I see firsthand the variety of responses to this new Internet paradigm.

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Is Social Media Marketing & Networking Killing the Face to Face?

It is no shock that the social media marketing landscape has changed the playing field of business to business and business to consumer. Years ago you had only a few options to get in front of whom ever you needed to get in front of, phone and mail. The choices and possibilities now are endless with the surge of popularity of hiding behind the computer and reaching out to decision makers on social marketing sites like Twitter and LinkedIn.

Are friend requests the new cold calls? are face to face meetings slowly going away? I think a few years down the road we might see this evolve into the new communication way. More and more people contact us directly through a

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Resetting a Hijacked Search Engine to the Firefox Default

wow_screenWOW! My search got hijacked by WOWWay! when I switched my cable internet service to WOW. My default search results page has always been Google; however, after my WOW! installation, I noticed that whenever I did a keyword search using the Location toolbar, my results page would be an ugly WOWWay-branded search results page rather than Google.

This was terribly invasive and annoying for me, so I took some time to research how to set Firefox back to Google keyword search results page. This is how I did it:

  1. In the Location toolbar, enter about:config
  2. When prompted, select "I Promise"
  3. Look for Preference name: keyword.URL
  4. Right-click whatever the current value is in the value column and select

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