The Employee Lifecycle is Your Roadmap to Building an Engaged Employee Experience

Whether your traditional programs and tactics need a simple revitalization based on best practices or because you’d like to revolutionize them so you can engage employees, as an HR or employee communications function, we have the unique opportunity to turn everyday transactions into employee interactions — to transform everyday tools so they are relevant to how employees live and work. All employees interact with an organization through a cyclical process: from the time they start thinking about you as a potential employer to when they become an employee up through when they leave.

A simplified approach is to think of it as “Hire-Inspire-Retire” or, depending on the complexity and needs of your organization, take a more in-depth approach to the employee experience. No matter how you define it, the employee lifecycle is the foundation for balancing business needs with the needs of your employees.

When looking to enhance current programs or processes, we tend to put the major focus on the needs of the business first and the needs of employees second. Using the employee lifecycle as your roadmap ensures you are focusing on the holistic needs of employees and considering their varying motivators so that your HR programs and communications can be modified accordingly. And you see a higher return on engagement when you identify key employee touchpoints and higher levels of productivity when you deliver effective tools.

Sharing is caring. The “Using the Employee Lifecycle as your Roadmap to Employee Engagement” is available as a downloadable PDF. Feel free to download and use it under the Creative Commons License by providing attribution to Elizabeth Lupfer, The Social Workplace, Twitter @socialworkplace. Enjoy!

Download here: Roadmap to Engagement Throughout the Employee Lifecycle (3341 downloads)



Elizabeth is a strategic communications leader with nearly 20 years experience in both internal and external communications. She is a passionate advocate for developing communications that foster a stronger relationship between the organization and its employees. She is a global keynote speaker on employee engagement and HR communications. Elizabeth is a certified professional in Employer Brand through Universum Global's Employer Branding Academy.

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4 thoughts on “The Employee Lifecycle is Your Roadmap to Building an Engaged Employee Experience

  1. Hi Elizabeth. What a terrific lifecycle map! Nicely user-centric, which makes good sense in a business world where employee engagement remains an ongoing problem. I don’t think there’s a very high percentage of workers who feel fully aligned with their employer’s goals, but if an organization is willing to invest a little in making an employee lives a little more bearable, there will surely be benefits to both parties.