How to Measure (So You Can Manage) Your Employer Brand

Employer branding is key to building your company’s reputation as an employer of choice and there are a growing number of companies who are seeing the value in putting resources and budget into this work. After initial activation, your employer brand should continue to evolve and be updated to accurately reflect changes within your organization. Therefore, the longer tail of any employer brand strategy is the sustainment and management of it. But you can’t manage what you don’t measure. And it is very hard to describe the impact you’re making to an organization without that measurement.

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Creating a Whole New Value Proposition for Millennials


In the HR world, it’s not new to hear the term “Millennial” and how many organizations today are rethinking their workforce practices to attract them — individuals born after 1980 and who have come of age since the year 2000.

Many people have asked why all of this intense focus on Millennials? What makes them so special over Baby Boomers and Generation X? Quite simply, this group already makes up the largest generation in the US, and by year 2020, millennials will comprise nearly 50% of the workforce.

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Does employee happiness matter for employer branding?

Employee Engagement

I’ve always loved to get involved in discussions around employee happiness versus employee engagement, and whether one over the other should be a primary focus for a company. Just recently, my team was discussing this very topic and it reminded me of a post I wrote a while back, wherein I said that employee satisfaction (happiness) is a desired outcome of an engaged workforce, but should not be the sole focus of any employee engagement or employer branding strategy. I still believe this.

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