Five Recognition Myths that Hinder Employee Engagement | #infographic

Employee Recognition | Image courtesy of @mcfrecognitionThe value of a measurable recognition strategy is far reaching for employers and by conquering common misconceptions, organizations can help elevate employee engagement and promote a more positive and productive workplace.

In order to dispell common myths about workplace motivations, Michael C. Fina, a leading provider of global employee recognition and incentive programs,  recently released a Top 5 Myths of Employee Engagement infographic.

“Employee engagement goes far beyond salary raises and bonuses—employers should take a close look at what motivates their unique employee base,” said Ashley Fina, president of Michael C. Fina. “Companies that make the commitment to recognize and show appreciation for employees are more likely to have a happy and inspired workforce.”

Five Myths of Employee Engagement by @mcfrecognition | via @socialworkplace

According to Michael C. Fina, the “Top 5 Myths of Employee Engagement” are:

Myth 1:  Cash is king
While salary and raises are important, intangible rewards like appreciation, recognition and career development are the most effective employee motivators.

Myth 2: Recognition programs offer little ROI
Research from The Forum shows that when organizations formally engage employees they can help increase ROI by more than 20 percent.

Myth 3: High performers don’t need extra motivation
Even high performers can become unhappy or uninspired at work. Recognition initiatives should engage them on a personal level.

Myth 4: Managers know how to engage employees
Don’t assume that managers know how to engage employees. Instead, managers need formal training related to employee engagement.

Myth 5: Millennials are difficult to engage
According to research from Robert Half International, Millennials benefit from formal employee engagement strategies including recognition programs. In fact, Millennials put a high value on employee engagement, work/life balance and working for organizations and managers they like and respect.

Michael C. Fina’s “5 Myths of Employee Engagement” can be downloaded at

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Michael C. Fina is a leading provider of global employee recognition and incentive programs that not only align with core values and business goals, but also inspire people to do great things. With a focus on personal service, the company’s recognition and incentive programs help organizations develop more inspired relationships with their employees. Headquartered in New York since 1935, Michael C. Fina is family-owned and operated and certified by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council.


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