Power Your Bottom Line with Employee Engagement

Imagine the impact of working at just 33% capacity. According to Gallup research, that’s exactly what’s happening. Their research shows that as many as 67% of your employees may be less than fully engaged — and the average company loses $2,246 per disengaged employee every year.

World class organizations make engagement a priority by focusing on:

— Outcome-based accountability and performance
— Communications that not only tie personal performance to business goals but also guides employees on how to best meet individual performance goals
— Performance-driven development programs

For all of the reasons above, it’s critical that HR has an infrastructure that provides the necessary tools to help you develop and sustain a successful employee engagement strategy.

HRIS is not just about the data. It’s about the people.

Check out this great infographic by ADP for more information on this telling research.

Employee Engagement infographic by ADP


Elizabeth is a strategic communications leader with nearly 20 years experience in both internal and external communications. She is a passionate advocate for developing communications that foster a stronger relationship between the organization and its employees. She is a global keynote speaker on employee engagement and HR communications. Elizabeth is a certified professional in Employer Brand through Universum Global’s Employer Branding Academy.

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  1. Executive attitude is so important when it comes to employee engagement. You have to live and breathe the culture you are trying to create. If you don’t care, why should your employees?

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