How to Succesfully Bring New Employees On-Board

Original source:  On-Boarding For Dummies: How To Successfully Bring New Employees on Board

Employee turnover is a costly problem. And with 22% of employees leaving their jobs within the first 45 days of employment, it’s all the more important to be sure that your employees are assimilated into your company with special care and ease. Of course, successful on-boarding is easier said than done. Here are some on-boarding tips to help keep your employee turnover rates down, and your on-boarding success rate high.

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The Connection Between Employment Brand and Employee Engagement [Infographic]

Image source: CaptivationMedia

Do you want to make your brand resonate with your employees? Most companies start by using their recognition program to reinforce and explain the desired values and behaviors. But if you want to make those values come alive—–go deeper.

The reality is that employee behavior is a big reflection of your business. It speaks volumes about the authenticity of your value proposition. If employees don’t understand or don’t believe in what your company says it stands for, why should your customers? Give your employees a reason to live the brand and your organization will thrive in the marketplace.

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Measuring Employee Engagement through External and Internal Benchmarking

Ok… it’s time for an honest moment here. I got a D in statistics while in college. I waited until senior year, spring semester to take my math course and Yes, mom… I got D. To this day, I’m known as the person in my family who can’t do math. That said, I’ve never been one for data and putting said data into context. But even I, non-math person extraordinaire, understands the need to breakdown data to create actionable results. So here’s my personal hand at providing some insight on the value of external benchmarking and internal benchmarking.

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Making Social Media “Live” at CiscoLive

It is my great pleasure to present another post from my colleague Laurie Shook. Laurie brings her vast social media expertise and passion for enterprise 2.0 to bring you her insights from Cisco Live.

How do you use social media to create a more engaging tradeshow experience? Based on the pervasive hash tags and social media tracking boards at last week’s Cisco Live in San Diego, Cisco has confronted that challenge successfully. Part of the secret is creating a Social Media Hub.

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Heels in the City – Rating the Best and Worst Cities for Women

While there are many adequate cities in our country, making an informed decision as to where you will live and work is imperative, as all cities are not created equally. Even more so for women.

Today’s infographic highlights the best and worst cities for women found in a recent report by Measure of America that gauged a woman’s well-being and access to opportunities by analyzing  results of the American Human Development Index. This index measures factors ranging from available education, income and health.

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