Dear Company, My Parents Trust Me and So Should You

Winding down from my presentation at The Conference Board’s Social Media for Human Resources seminar, there is one important takeaway that resonates with me: the importance of employee engagement and trust. Engagement is employees’ connection to their work, organization, leaders, managers, clients or customers, performance, and results. On the more human side, it’s also the degree to which employees are willing to go the extra mile,  display loyalty to their company before, after and during core business hours; and display satisfaction with their work and workplace. “Organizations need engaged employees at all levels (leaders, managers, staff) to achieve results significant for the organization” (Business Exchange: Employee Engagement).

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Building an Employee-Enriched Culture With Social Media (Dana LaSalvia)

The growing passion for social technologies to drive engagement and productivity becomes more evident as I discover more and more articles on the topic. And there’s nothing more gratifying than finding articles that have been inspired by my own or have been republished either in part or in their entirety on other blog sites. Imagine my delight when I came across this article written by Dana LaSalvia, Director of Marketing at Rymax Marketing (@Rymax_Marketing), on how social media can be to create enriching workplace experiences for employees. I’m doubly humbled by the fact that The Social Workplace was referenced. Kudos to you, Dana, on such a wonderful piece and keep up the excellent though leadership. It’s a pleasure to make your article available here.

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Use This Social Media Message Map to Jump Start Your Approach

example from our recent social media workshop

Found this social media map from Aon Hewitt’s Inside. Great visual to generate ideas and vision for creating your own social media approach.

Not sure how to jump start your social media approach?

Download [Aon Hewitt’s] social media map to identify the best opportunities. As a really good example of how to take the social media map and use it for your needs, see the example to the right which is from their recent social media workshop.

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