Unifying Your Enterprise Through a Global HR Portal

This post could be considered (in the Internet world) from many moons ago. I just found it. Yes, I’m very progressive that way. It’s an absolutely wonderfully written article filled with great information on unifying an enterprise with an HR portal. Originally published in HR Magazine back in 2006, I found it to still resonate in 2010 and even beyond. The points explored by Drew Robb are THAT good. I’ve reposted it below for your reading pleasure.

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Android Apps that Penetrate the Enterprise

Original source: 15+ Enterprise Apps for Android, ReadWriteEnterprise

Android has seen astounding growth in both the consumer and enterprise markets, but the iPhone and BlackBerry have dominated enterprise-specific app development. That may be starting to change. Today Box.net released its cloud storage app for Android, and other enterprise-focused apps have been released recently as well. Given the enterprise interest in the iPad and the fact that several Android tablets are supposedly just around the corner, we could start seeing more enterprise Android development. Here are a few apps that are available now.

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