9 thoughts on “Social Technology & an Innovative Intranet can Increase Employee Productivity

  1. Hi Elizabeth,

    Great article and useful for my dissertation thesis. The link you gave from IDC website is not working. Would you mind posting the link again for me? Thanks.

    1. Hi Venu, the actual IDC report is available for $1,000, and I don’t have the report itself. I’m not sure why the link is broken… it seems that there is an issue with the IDC site itself. However, I have a collection of related whitepapers that I hope helps you in your thesis. See above… I’ve added new content at the end of the post for “Related Whitepapers.” Let me know if this works for you or if you need anything else! ~ Best, Elizabeth

      1. Thanks so much Elizabeth for related whitepapers. My topic is ‘Role of Social Media in Global Talent Management’. I already find alot of content in your site useful for my thesis. Do post any other resources if you have related to this topic. Greatly appreciate your efforts and timely help!

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