Check Out the Social Media Strategy Framework

Ross Dawson, founder of Advanced Human Technologies, launched the Beta 2 version of the  Social Media Strategy Framework on September 21 (the original Beta was launched back in July).  This framework provides guidance on how organizations can approach engagement with social media, and illustrates the three steps in the process of ENGAGEMENT (on the left) as well as the three steps in STRATEGY DEVELOPMENT (right).

This is a Beta version. Ross is asking for input on your thoughts on what’s wrong (and right) for this to be taken into account for the next version. I encourage you to do so here!

Click on the image to download pdf


Elizabeth is a strategic communications leader with nearly 20 years experience in both internal and external communications. She is a passionate advocate for developing communications that foster a stronger relationship between the organization and its employees. She is a global keynote speaker on employee engagement and HR communications. Elizabeth is a certified professional in Employer Brand through Universum Global's Employer Branding Academy.

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