Get Social Media Guide: Grow Your Business Using Social Media

Original Source:  Grow Your Business Using Social Media 2009

From the Executive Summary:

This free guide contains the principles and processes for business owners, marketing departments and media teams to build their brand and to grow their businesses, using the power of social media.

The focus of the guide is on understanding social media and getting started efficiently and effectively, and then streamlining your online activity into those areas where you are most effective. More than just a theoretical look at the social media landscape, it offers the practical step by step process to get a social media strategy in place

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Ignite Social Media presents the 2009 Social Network Analysis Report

Brian Chappell of Ignite Social Media presents the 2009 Social Network Analysis Report - Geographic - Demographic and Traffic Data Revealed.


Its that time of the year again and I thought our readers would be curious how the different social networks have progressed over the last year. Without much surprise there has been significant movement within some of the social networks over the course of the last year. I have highlighted some of the changes below. Remember all insight is gathered from Google Ad planner and Google Insights.

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Tips for Establishing a Rock-Solid Corporate Culture on Twitter

Original Source: 7 Secrets to Tweeting Your Corporate Culture, Mashable

Here are 7 suggestions (along with some Twitter examples) for establishing a rock-solid corporate culture on Twitter:

1. Share Your History

I’m not talking about chronicling the 42 year history of your firm 140 characters at a time. Although, I guess if you really wanted to, you could. What I mean by share your history is that you should tell the Twitterverse when you make history. For example, if your company is named one of the Top 50 Places to Work or wins an industry award; that’s making

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Insights from Insidedge: Intranet 2.0 Increases Employee Engagement

Original source: Intranet 2.0 Increases Employee Engagement, by Toby Ward

Employee engagement is the top priority and the organizational coup de grace for many HR practitioners in both the private and public sectors. However, corporate communications plays one of the most important catalytic roles in determining employee engagement, and the intranet is increasingly the most important catalyst in heightening engagement levels, which in-turn improves HR metrics such as employee recruitment and retention (even customer service).

Engagement Value In short, engaged employees aren’t just happy ones, but have a strong emotional bond to the organization that employs them and proactively look to

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Using Social Media to Deputize Employees as Brand Managers

Original post: Early: Companies Deputizing Their Employees as Brand Managers

For the longest time, social media enthusiasts have noted that employees represent their companies, whether they realize it or not. This becomes more apparent every day as more people take part in the Grand Conversation.

Two tech behemoths have in recent weeks released their social media guidelines for employees. I’ll describe them a bit below, but I think it’s worth noting what milestones there are. Historically, large companies haven’t really encouraged employees to talk out in the market. But then, historically all you had were newspapers and trade magazines.

Companies have had

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Study Shows that Higher Social Media Engagement Correlates with Financial Performance

Original post: New study: Deep brand engagement correlates with financial performance by Charlene Li, co-author of “Groundswell”

The goals of the study were to measure how deeply engaged the top 100 global brands — as identified by the 2008 BusinessWeek/Interbrand Best Global Brands ranking — are in a variety of social media channels (including blogs, Facebook, Twitter, wikis, and discussion forums) and, more importantly, understand if higher engagement is correlated with financial performance.

Activity in each channel was ranked for depth of interaction on measures that corresponded to that specific channel. Scores for overall brand engagement ranged from a

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