Twitter's First 2009 Revenue to Come from Large U.S. Corporations

Source: ReadWriteWeb

According to a recent Bloomberg report, Twitter plans to target a handful of large corporations currently using the service to generate its first revenue this year.While he would not release exact sales figures, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone was quoted in the post as saying, “The idea is if they are getting value out of Twitter, then we could add more value to what they are doing and we could get some revenue… We think we’ll get to something this year, however simple, that shows we’re making some money.”

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Value-Driven Intranet Design

Came across this oldie, but goodie and thought I would share:

by Shiv Singh, Boxes and Arrows, on 2004/02/09

“Fundamentally, your intranet must be tied to value creation like other business services within your organization.”

Within most corporations, taking ownership of an intranet is an unglamorous, exhausting, and thankless job for a new intranet manager. Many corporate intranets lack thoughtful, focused, and disciplined design and are often extremely large and unwieldy. Fixing these intranets can seem an impossible and futile task.

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Surveys Find Social Media an Increasingly Important Employee Engagement Tool

Web 2.0 and Employee Communications Survey (Aon Human Capital Consulting)

From the survey: The Aon survey “results show a much broader use of Web 2.0 media among all generations, whether hourly or salaried, not to socialize, but to get their jobs done. With a broader, multi‐generational audience using Web 2.0 media today, employers have another reason to look closely at harnessing the power of Web 2.0 media and integrating these tools into their internal communications.

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