Top 10 Favorite Skits from SNL Season 34

This past weekend was the season finale of Saturday Night Live — it was a great end to what I think was an absolutely incredible 34th season. In my humble opinion, the current ensemble cast is the best SNL has had in a very, very long time.

Here are my top 10 skits from this past season:

Madonna and Angelina Jolie Baby Face-Off [ April 4 ]

Fourth Jonas [ Feb 14 ]

Seth Rogan, the Bear Man [ April 4 ]

Vice Presidental Debate: Biden vs Palin [ October 4 ]

Palin / Clinton Opening [ September 13 ]

Couric / Palin Opening [ September 27 ]

Angie Tempura, Celebrity Blogger – First Weekend Update [ February 14 ]

Angie Tempura, Celebrity Blogger – Second Weekend Update [ April 11 ]

Behind-the-Scenes with Mark Wahlberg [ October 18 ]

Alec Baldwin Opening Monologue [ February 14 ]


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