Social Media has Changed the Definition of Friendship

1. if you want people to pay attention to you, you have to pay attention to them.
put simply, you must RECIPROCATE. without this, nothing will happen for you. You can add as many friends as you want, spew out as many messages as possible, but people will just ignore you. Social media is about Establishing Relationships. This, first and foremost.

2. no more spam


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Rolling Out a Social Media Strategy

via Rolling Out a Social Media Strategy, by Jacob Morgan

So you have you’re social media strategy, now what? If you’re like most organizations then you can’t roll out a social media campaign in a day, or even in a few weeks. So how do you go about rolling out a social media strategy? My recommendation would be to proceed in phases. What I’m outlining below is a very high level approach to rolling a social media strategy. Many of these phases will also have sub-phases. For example, during the content creation phase you

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Six Tips for Using Twitter as a Recruitment Tool

via Six tips for using Twitter as a recruitment tool | View from the Cubicle |, by Toni Bowers

According to Nielsen NetView, in February 2009, Twitter had nearly 7.1 million users, with a growth rate of 1,382 percent from the year before. Some companies are finding this growth rate a great opportunity to recruit people for jobs.

In a recent issue of Workforce Management, two representatives from digital advertising agency Organic said they have made Twitter the anchor of their job posting strategy. Here are some of the benefits, according to Organic:

“Once we have an opening that might be

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Delivering a High-Performing Intranet (Case Study with Iron Mountain)

via Intranet Blog :: Delivering a high-performing intranet (Case Study with Iron Mountain), by Toby Ward

“There is an enormous thirst for communications... we really dedicate almost the entire home page of the intranet to communications,” Cheryl Travis, intranet manager, Iron Mountain.

Iron Mountain Incorporated (NYSE:IRM) helps organizations around the world reduce the costs and risks associated with information protection and storage. The Company offers comprehensive records management, data protection, and information destruction solutions along with the expertise and experience to address complex information challenges such as rising storage costs, litigation, regulatory compliance and disaster recovery. Founded in 1951, Iron Mountain

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